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Wow. Hard to believe it but we’ve RUN OUT OF SPACE on this blog for any new photos or video!

Sooooo, Mama has started a new blog!

Our new home is at http://growingupeleanor.wordpress.com

Come follow me!

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Movin right along

I now request the Muppet Movie  for DVD watching, and love watching Kermit and Piggy and Gonzo and Fozzie. Yesterday, I ran to go get my guitar to sing along with Kermit for The Rainbow Connection and Mama thought it was pretty cute.

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Yoga in the park

Moira and I have been going to the same yoga class for a few months now. It used to be in a gym, but now that the weather is nice, our teacher Bradlee has been hosting it outside at a park, so we can run and play before and after. Mama is pretty certain I would follow Bradlee and her daughter, Zara, anywhere, I have such a great time at our class. So I figured I would finally post some video of me and Moira (and her mommy, Alexa) enjoying our morning yoga in the park.  I sing some of these songs over and over, and love everything about the class.

It’s been a hot few days here, and today, Mama took me swimming at our neighbour’s pool after my nap. I’m still not a huge fan of putting my head under, but we had a blast splashing around to cool off.  I’m starting swim lessons again soon with Cassie, too, which I’m excited for! Yesterday, Mama had to go to the doctor for her annual physical. She had to get a tetanus shot but I held her hand and she was very brave and didn’t even cry.  I was very proud of her,and gave her a kiss on her bandaid. Speaking of proud, Mama and I have been working on potty training and I have a sticker chart. When it’s all full, I get to get my toes painted!!  I’m really really excited, and hardly wear diapers at all when I’m not sleeping.  Mama said I’m doing great. We have a few songs we sing about pottying, including an adaptation of the ABBA song Super Pooper (from Super Trouper ), and Big Girls Stay Dry (to the tune of Big Girls Don’t Cry).  People might think Mama’s a little nuts, but I think it’s funny, and now Moira sings along, too!

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Feeling hot hot hot

Summer feels like it’s finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate than with my friends at a splash pad! Then today, Mama took me to go see the dinosaurs at the Museum of Nature, and I got to hang out with some new friends, too!  I made Daddy a painting for Father’s Day, and we had a nice quiet weekend in general.

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Just a quickie

Mama tried to take me and Cady to Bruce Pit in the nice weather, but Cady didn’t behave too well, so it was a fast visit. Moira and I had a blast seeing all the dogs, though! And today, Moira came over and I got to show her my new “Big Girl” bed! I wanted her to sleep over, but our Mamas said that probably wasn’t a good idea yet… Happy Anniversary to my Grandma Tina and Grandpa Rick…42 years!  Here’s Cady and my rendition of Happy Anniversary to You, with me on the harmonica:


Snuggling in my big girl bed with Moira

At Bruce Pit

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We get by with a little help from our friends

Mama is feeling a little crappy with allergies (or a cold, but she’s hoping allergies) and woke up grumpy today. But she rallied and took me to Ella’s to play. Good thing she did, Ella’s mama, Melissa, threw her a belated surprise birthday party! I got to play with Moira, Maya and Ella, and Mama got to eat all sorts of chocolate and treats. She even shared a little bit with me!  Then this afternoon, Moira came over. We rode bikes, played on the playground, and got to take a bath together before getting into our PJs.  Mama might still be feeling a little crappy, but having friends around makes it OK.

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Always on the move

Mama said she finally feels the first of my 2 year molars coming in, so maybe that’s why I’ve been a bit wild the past few days. She says it’s a good thing I’m cute.  The weather has been all over the map, but Mama finally got a chance to put some video together. I’m always on the go, and USUALLY in a good mood, though I’ve been a little touchy lately.

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Happy birthday, Mama!

Mama had her birthday today, so I remembered to sing a lot to her today. I had a fun morning with Daddy, and then spent all afternoon with Troy, running, jumping and biking. Troy’s daddy, Lee, even showed me how to fix my bike!


Me and Lee, tightening stuff up:)

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Wrapping up May

Sometimes, we just stay home and hang out. I LOVE playing ball with Cady, and chasing balloons with Dad, and sometimes I just run laps.  I’m talking  and singing constantly and want  a new song for everything.  I even have my favourites on the radio, right now I like We Are  Young (by Fun), and Starships, by “big girl” Nicki Menaj (Mom and Dad aren’t thrilled by this one but I like putting my hands up in the air while in the back seat of the car).


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Final dance class

As May comes to a close, Moira and I had our last dance class today with a recital for our Mamas.

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